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Solar Energy is Future for India
Energy has always been a driving force in the development of human culture, living style, and the overall development since ages but it reached new heights during the later half of the 20th century and at its peak during first decades of the 21st century. One canít predict its height and peak of development and thus it is a continuing process. If we go back to the history of energy utilization, it can be broadly categorized into the wood era, coal era, and the present oil era based on the utilization of energy sources.

Although energy was present in many forms since inception of life on earth or even before it, its end-use applications have been discovered and modified from time-to-time by the mankind. For example, when the wheel was invented, it was given energy by human beings and later on by draught animals. Using the then available known form of energy has always influenced the invention for the use of mankind. For example, the diesel engine was designed to function by using peanut oil as fuel; a bicycle was invented for using human energy; aeroplane was invented that uses aviation fuel; and so on. There has always been a quest to exploit various forms of energy and in this context many inventions have been made. For example, the energy available in nature around us, that is, sun, wind, flowing water, woody material from tree, crop waste, and so on is being utilized for various end use applications since ages but their mode and methods of utilization have changed/improved as the technologies developed from time to time. 

The present use of renewable energy available from sun, wind, flowing water, woody material, and waste involves the developed technologies, systems, and devices commercially available in the market. There is a need for changing the attitude in adopting renewable energy devices in our daily life, which will also ensure our contribution towards mitigating GHG emissions and global warming as well. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has taken new initiatives by introducing three schemes, that is, demonstration programme on tail-end grid-connected solar power plants, rooftop SPV systems and national rating system, and energy-efficient green buildings. The present issue contains information on these schemes.

Softdisk Solar has also been providing information on the availability of renewable energy systems and devices that are useful in our daily life and are commercially available in the market. On behalf of the entire team of Softdisk Solar, I promise to keep you abreast with the latest developments taking place globally and in our country as well in renewable energy. Soliciting support to Softdisk Solar with your encouraging response.

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