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5 MWp Solar PV Grid Interactive Plant - Rajasthan

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) India’s largest private sector enterprise with businesses in diverse sectors has commenced Solar Group in 2007-08. Thus, in addition to the several Offgrid products and projects, it has made concrete efforts to come up in big way with Grid- Connected Solar PV Power Plants.

Reliance Industries Limited recently installed the ground mounted solar PV system at Khimsar, Rajasthan with a generating capacity of 5 MWp in a state of art solar farm in the country. Through this project it has been proved that even the barren lands can earn and contribute to the country and become an energy pocket in itself. The project includes design, supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance for 25 years. The electricity generated by the plant will be supplied to three discoms of Rajasthan. Project is standing with its head held high in a small village named Khimsar, district Nagaur. This location has been selected based upon the excellent solar irradiance received compared to other locations. The plant covers 35 acres of land. The general weather there is hot and dry.

The ambient temperature ranges from 48oC in summers to 5.5oC in winter season. The high temperature during the summer, the dusty storms and some times the rains made the project more challenging.


Sushant Gaur

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