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SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd (a leading Manufacturer of Solar PV Modules & Integrator of High Quality Solar PV Power Systems) has successfully built and commissioned India’s largest Floating Solar Energy plant in Kayankulam, Kerala for NTPC. The plant was commissioned in a short span of 22 days.

Floating Solar PV Power plants harness the sun power with better efficiency without consuming the land area compared to a regular ground mounted SPV System. To reduce the cost of the system, a collaborative indigenous floater development project has been taken up by NETRA with Central Institute for Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Chennai.NETRA, NTPC and SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd worked jointly in this program.


  • Indigenously developed floaters
  • Cost effective (compared to commercially available floating PV system)
  • India’s Largest installation of its kind at NTPC
  • A good display of Make in India initiative


  • No land required (no land cost/availability/acquisition issues/no uprooting of trees)
  • Reduction of evaporation of water and algae growth in water bodies
  • Expected increased generation because of cooling effect on PV panels (water is at cool temperature when the atmospheric air is hot - per day generating around 5.7 kWh / kWp)
  • Reduced installation time when compared to land
  • PV modules stay free from dust to large extent – resulting in low maintenance on cleaning.

Details of Floating Solar PV system

The Floating PV system consists of a Floater Platform & components of PV System.

PV Modules

  • Make : SWELECT - HHV Solar, 72 cells poly C-Si, each of 315 Wp
  • Quantity : Total 324 No’s, 102.6 kWp DC Capacity
  • Efficiency : >16.3%

SWELECT ENERGY SYSTEMS Ltd (a leading Manufacturer of Solar PV Modules & Integrator of High Quality Solar PV Power Systems) has been constantly contributing towards innovative methods of tapping solar energy. One amongst the initiatives isthe solar powered ferry, launched in Kerala, wherein SWELECT suppliedthe PV modules (HHV Solar Technologies). This ferry is covered by 140 m2 of solar PV modulesof 20 kW, which in turn is connected to two electric motors of 20 kW, one at each hull. The speed of the ferry is 7.5 knots.

Energy consumption detail of the ferry:
The ferry requires 110kWh of energy for 5.5 hours. The installed solarpower system will be able to deliver on an average 80 kWh of energy per day. The remaining power requirement during low solar energy generation period during the day or on cloudy / rainy days, is supplemented by energy provided from lithium batteries which are charged overnight through the grid. This solar ferry is first of its kindand sets an example for adopting to solar energy in unique ways.

Solar Panel by HHV-ST:

  • HHV Solar Modules supplied to India’s first Solar Powered Ferry and the largest solar powered boat
  • Capacity of 20 kWp SPV plant on roof of ferry is powered with HHV ST’s 250 kW multi crystalline solar PV modules
  • Key Features:
    · Solar PV powered ferry
    · Advanced Lithium-ion battery
    · Advanced energy management system on-board
    · More efficient design and construction

The pay-back period is under three years which is an added advantage to anyone adopting to solar since the diesel consumption is high which leads to higher costs and air pollution.

SWELECT Energy Systems Limited (formerly known as Numeric Power Systems Limited) is one of the leading Solar Power Systems Company with a strong presence in global energy market for over 30 years. SWELECT’s core strength lies in technical expertise which is strongly backed with state of art manufacturing facilities for Solar PV Modules, Solar PCUs, structural and electrical Balance of Systems (BOS) and Network of Project offices. With more than 30 years of field experience and with a team of experts in Power Electronics, SWELECT, always stays close to its customers and caters to their Energy needs through continuous technological innovation, rich expertise and customer centric approach.

About HHV-ST
HHV Solar Technologies (’HHV ST’), is a Tier-1 solar module brand in India and a system provider for the international photovoltaic market. HHV ST’s product portfolio comprises of high-quality and highly reliable solar PV modules in various capacities that suit different end user applications – from small roof top systems to commercial and industrial systems to MW-scale solar photovoltaic plants. HHV ST is now part of SWELECT Energy Systems Limited.

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