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Trends change as growth pics up!
Roof Top takes becomes the mantra in Urban Centers

India has crossed 57.70 GW in 2021-22 up from Solar Power Capacity from 40.08 GW as on 31 March 2021. The trend showed that it is bound to increase in coming time and may touch 75 GW by March 2023. India need to increase Solar Power by commissioning more to cross the capacity of 100 GW by fiscal 2023, increasing it by 25GW as we are behind schedule, to come at par with Hon. Prime Minister's dream. Which now seems not achievable, however even if we add 30 GW by year end it will be phenomenal but that too is a over expectation. And there lies the need to increase rooftop which has grabbed it own space. It still falls short of the National Solar Mission target by a huge margin.


SWELECT Commissions India's Largest Floating Solar Energy Plant
SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd (a leading Manufacturer of Solar PV Modules & Integrator of High Quality Solar PV Power Systems) has successfully built and commissioned India's largest Floating Solar Energy plant in Kayankulam, Kerala for NTPC. The plant was commissioned in a short span of 22 days.
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister
Grid connected solar Roof top systems with NET meter are becoming popular as many state Utility ESCOMS have started accepting excess generated solar power from the consumer roof top & pay for this. MNRE is providing 30% subsidy through state Nodel agencies & commercial establishments are getting additional benefit of A.D of 80% in the first year which is making solar power plants popular.

Backsheet - a Guard for your Solar Modules
One of the most critical constituent materials used in the construction of a Solar PV module is the backsheet. The backsheet is the outermost layer of the PV module placed at the non-sunny side of it.

A Brilliant Start - National Solar Mission
The JNNSM targets of generating 20,000 MW of grid connected and 2000 MW of off grid solar power by 2022 are truly impressive. By following the global experience of connecting solar power to the grid through megawatt scale solar power plants, India has joined the global solar bandwagon in a big way.


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